Native English Online Instructors

As part of our efforts to expand our course offerings, Lion & Hiyoko is recruiting native English speakers who are fluent in Japanese to join the team.


レッスン内容 Examples of Course Offerings
・English Conversation

・EIKEN English Proficiency Test and TOEIC Prep

・English Grammar

・Reading and Commentary on English-language Magazines, Newspapers, and Books

・English in the news

・Western Music Lesson (singing, song lyrics, pronunciation, artist themes/etc)
・Western Film Lesson (assigning films, selecting clips, scripts, actor background/story/etc)

・Business Email and Writing
・English Resume Writing

・Entrance Exams (College/High School/Middle School)


・American English, American English Accent
・British English, British English Accent


・Public Speaking Coaching

・Lessons for English Teachers
・Lessons on Academic Discipline (ex: Introductory Second Language Acquisition as an Academic Study)

・Support for Applying to Foreign Colleges and Masters Degree Programs
・Study Abroad/Working Holiday Support and Counseling
・MBA Study Abroad Program
レッスン時間・頻度 As soon as you start working with us, we will work together with the instructors in creating a curriculum that would suit their strengths and abilities. In addition, we allow our trainers very flexible lesson scheduling to accommodate their needs.



  1. Fluency in Japanese: either having passed the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) N1 or have an equivalent level of fluency
  2. Have a specific area of expertise/speciality that you’re able to teach
  3. Qualified candidates must be able to quickly respond to Email and Skype messages (more than 3 per day)
  4. Professional experience (emphasis will be placed on attitude and personality for those without experience)
  5. Students are not eligible for consideration or application
  6. Qualified candidates must be able to confidently conduct lessons both in English and Japanese depending on the level of students.
  7. Qualified candidates are required to be familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet
  • Hourly Wage: JPY4,000~
  • Major emphasis on being able to quickly respond to emails and messages from students.
  • Candidates from any nationality can apply, but qualified candidates must be able to provide students with easy to understand explanations in Japanese.
  • This is a part-time contracting opportunity.